Things that make me pee

1. Drinking lots of water
2. Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeting back at me

I know, I know, it’s so lame to be a fan girl. I get it. I’ve always wanted to be so cool and like, “NBD, that’s just Prince over there. So what. He’s just a person. Chill out, everybody.” Except that he’s not just a person, he’s fucking Prince. And he changed my life and music forever and ever. So I’m going to lose my damn mind if I ever see him or he tweets at me or tweets in general to anyone, anywhere because HE’S FUCKING PRINCE! And so when Lin-Manuel Miranda tweets back at me it’s a big fucking deal because HE’S LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA! He’s stupid talented and clever and smart. If I could have Judge Rienhold/Fred Savage 1988 Vice Versa action with anyone it would be with him because as far as I’m concerned, everything he does is the coolest and I just kind of want to be him for awhile and see what that’s like. Anyway, so he responded to my tweet today and I was so shocked and stunned and excited that I acted really super dumb and jumped up and down and clapped my hands and it felt really great and made me really happy. So thanks, Lin, for acknowledging my existence and making a big world feel smaller and a big, scary dream feel less unreasonable or impossible or far away. You’re the realist.

My blogging is as consistent as my housekeeping

Ugh. Such failure. I had all the blogging goals. I was going to blog once a day come rain or storm or excruciating laziness and then life hit kind of hard for a minute and I was like, “Bye blog! You don’t matter because none of my dreams matter!! Waaaaah!” But then, after lots of inappropriate yelling, questionable parenting and much over-exaggeration of the difficulty of the situation at hand, I sucked it up, got over it and now I’m back to live the dream. I’m hoping to post at least a little something everyday. But I’m also hoping my hair will grow out of this awkward stage overnight so, you know, not everything happens just because you hope for it. ┬íHasta pronto!