Winner! Winner! Winner! 

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Today’s Public Service Announcement¬†

  Today’s public service announcement: Love your body. And when I say love your body I don’t mean that you need to do anything for it or to it in order to show that you love it. Just love it. Love it just like it is just this second because it’s awesome and beautiful and deserves some damn respect from YOU of all people. Happy Thursday! 

A Rosie by any other name…

  There was no one I wanted to be more when I was a little girl than Rosie the Riveter. She could do anything. No one could stop her. She was the quintessential woman. The quintessential human. Capable, smart, selfless, fearless, useful. I knew whatever she could do, I could do. And I knew that meant I could do anything. No limitations. I bought the infamous Rosie poster on a school field trip when I was 9 because it was the coolest thing I had ever seen in my life. My parents had it framed and hung it up on my bedroom wall. I would sit on my bed and look into it like it was a mirror and think, “That’s me. That’s me in that picture. That’s exactly who I am. That’s exactly what I feel like inside. Those are exactly the clothes the person inside me would wear. Those are exactly the words the person inside me would say. I want to build airplanes and take no shit. I want to have engine oil under my fingernails and lipstick in my pocket.” And so it was decided then that I was going to do every single thing anyone ever told me that I couldn’t do and I was going to do it bigger and better than it had ever been done before. 

And so I have. 

And so I will. 

Because I can. 

And so can you. 

Thanks, Rosie.